Our Team
Meet Your Team of Professionals!
Truck Transportation team members and contact information are listed below.

Wendy Rozycki
Phone: 800-632-0228 X106
Wendy was introduced to the transportation industry when her husband, John, became a truck freight broker for Continental Brokers in 1971 and was employed there for the next 24 years. In 1996 John and Wendy decided to open their own freight brokerage, Truck Transportation Services. Through the years, they expanded the two person office to what is now a thriving business with eight employees. Wendy oversees operations, with emphasis on the accounting and financial aspect of the company. Wendy is committed to the continued success of TTS.

Cory Kinnaman
General Manager / Produce Specialist
Phone: 800-632-0228 X101  |  Email  |  Mobile: 503-201-3492
Cory has been employed as a broker for TTS since 2001. Cory primarily handles produce, frozen and dry goods on the west coast from WA, OR, CA and Arizona. Cory supervises the daily tasks of taking orders, dispatching trucks, negotiating rates and handling collections along with all of the administrative duties of keeping TTS operating efficiently.

Dale Parra
Sales Manager / Nursery Specialist
Phone: 800-632-0228 X102  |  Email  |  Mobile: 503-449-8944
Dale has over 28 years' experience in the transportation industry, with the last 24 as a freight broker. Dale began his career with Albertsons in 1985 in the backhaul department and continued on with Continental Truck Brokers in 1988 where he met John Rozycki. In 1995 Dale accepted a job at Cargo Masters where he continued his employment until he joined the staff at TTS in 2002. Dale specializes in nursery, floral and frozen food shipments. Dale is also an active member of the Oregon Association of Nurseries where he has been a recent president of the Clackamas Chapter and a recipient of the Horticulture Allied Service Award.

Kimberly Galiano
Phone: 800-632-0228 X104  |  Email  |  Mobile: 503-806-1922
Kimberly started shipping in the nursery industry for Jaycee Newman, Inc. carrying over her transportation skills working for Wilbur Ellis in the fertilizer industry. She then moved to Oklahoma where she worked as a receiving clerk for Associated Wholesale Grocers. Then Oregon called her home. Kimberly's vast experience in the various sectors of transportation adds to her skill-set and knowledge base. Kimberly has also volunteered for the Oregon Association of Nurseries for the Mt. Hood Chapter serving as both secretary and Event Coordinator. She is an equestrian enthusiast and spends most of her free time at the barn or in her garden.

Mike Copeman
Phone: 800-632-0228 X103  |  Email  |  Mobile: 971-221-5053
Mike started his career in transportation as a rate clerk for U.S. Shippers in 1990, and has spent the last 26 years evolving through pricing, operations, and management. After moving Freight on rail at U.S. Shippers and Matson Logistics for clients like JM Smuckers, Coca-Cola, and Weyerhauser, Mike is now evolving into an over the road freight broker for us here at TTS!

Corinne Kinnaman
Accounts Receivable / Payable
Phone: 800-632-0228 X105
Corinne has been employed by TTS since 2011. Corinne was employed by Caruso Produce doing data entry while attending college, until achieving her license as a medical assistant. She accepted a job at The Children's Clinic at Meridian Park Hospital where she worked for 11 years. Corinne is in charge of the front office and is responsible for all the invoicing and accounts receivable and payable.